Villa Jana Nea Skioni

Moles Kalives is a small village in Halkidiki, near to Nea Skioni and can guarantee a relaxing and memorable stay. 

Villa Jana is a new maisonette witn three bedrooms (each with own toilette) as well as a large living room with dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. 

The large yard is equipped with barbecue, canopy, sunbeds and umbrella and with access to a private beach provides an unforgettable summer vacation.

The maximum capacity is 8 people. The house has all the household equipment necessary for a comfortable stay and has installed air-conditioning, Internet, cable TV, and own two parking spots. The villa is located in a calm and respectable area and located in first row with private beach.

Starts on: 01 April - 31 October 2024
Duration: minimum 8 nights in July and August
minimum 6 nights in June and September
minimum 4 nights stay in May and October
Destination: Moles Kalives, Greece
Mode of transport: Private
Prices for April:  170 € for 1 night in the period 01.04-16.04.2024
170 € for 1 night in the period 16.04-01.05.2024
Prices for May: 200 € for 1 night in the period 01.05-06.05.2024
170 € for 1 night in the period 07.05-09.05.2024
190 € for 1 night in the period 10.05-12.05.2024
170 €  for 1 night in the period 13.05-16.05.2024
190 € for 1 night in the period 17.05-19.05.2024
170 € for 1 night in period 20.05-23.05.2024
200 € for 1 night in period 24.05-26.05.2024
170 € for 1 night in period 27.05-30.05.2024
200 € for 1 night in period 31.05.2024 
Prices for June:  270  for 1 night in the period 01.06-02.06.2024
250 for 1 night in the period 03.06-06.06.2024
270 for 1 night in the period 07.06-09.06.2024
250 for 1 night in the period 10.06-13.06.2024
270  for 1 night in the period 14.06-16.06.2024
250 for 1 night in the period 17.06-20.06.2024
290 for 1 night in the period 21.06-30.06.2024

Prices for July:

300  for 1 night in the period 01.07-14.07.2024
350  for 1 night in the period 15.07-21.07.2024
380  for 1 night in the period 22.07-31.07.2024
Prices for August:

 380 for 1 night in the period 01.08-18.08.2024
350 for 1 night in the period 19.08-25.08.2024
300 € for 1 night in the period 26.08-31.08.2024
Prices for September:
 270 € for 1 night in the period 01.09-03.09.2024
250 € for 1 night in the period 04.09-05.09.2024
270 € for 1 night in the period 06.09-09.09.2024
250 € for 1 night in the 10.09-17.09.2024
220 € for 1 night in the 18.09-30.09.2024
Prices for October:
 170 € for 1 night in the period 01.10-15.10.2024
150 € for 1 night in the period 16.10-31.10.2024

*For more information and reservations send a request to the following email address or contact us at +389 71 330089.

The price includes:

  • Rent of villa based on the chosen period and nights of stay
  • Touristic tax
  • Two parking spots
  • Fully equipped 3 bedroom villa
  • Wi-Fi and Cable TV                        

The price does not include:                                          

  • Cleaning fee of 140 euro when stays are less than required minimum nights 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transport       


  • With the reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total sum should be paid                         
  • Payments made in MKD currency will be calculated with course 1 EUR = 62 MKD

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