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Green Jewel - Zlatibor, Serbia 109 € person

Green Jewel - Zlatibor, Serbia

Fresh air, combination of Mediterranean and mountain climate, a large number of sunny days, endless landscapes, fragrant meadows and clear lakes surrounded by spruce and birch trees… Although this sou...
Zlatibor, Serbia Zlatibor, Serbia
21.05-24.05.2021 21.05-24.05.2021
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Awe Some! Tara Canyon Rafting - Bosnia 149 € person

Awe Some! Tara Canyon Rafting - Bosnia

Tara is called the wild river, mountain beauty, the tear of Europe, but only when you sail on its waves and dive into its beeches will you know that it is the most beautiful thing you have experienced...
near Foca, Bosnia near Foca, Bosnia
22.05 - 24.05.2021 22.05 - 24.05.2021
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