Gastro Tour - Mariovo, North Macedonia

Tastes of Mariovo: the Hidden Legends in North Macedonia

As locals know, one of the best ways to really get a feel for a new place is through its food. That's exactly what we'll be doing on this tour where you'll get to taste the traditional food and drinks of Mariovo Region -  one of the least developed regions of Macedonia with small half-deserted villages scattered in untouched nature.

Surrounded by high mountains and deep canyons, the Mariovo region is interesting for its history, ethnology, traditions, and culture. Driving through Tikvesh and Pelagonia, we arrive in the first Mariovo village, Dunje. The region is also famous for the beautiful Stonebridge, called the movie bridge, due to several movies filmed here by Milco Mancevski. If we are lucky, we can talk to some of the locals, who are still living here, and hear the most interesting story about the origin of the name Mariovo. We can make a good hike in the surroundings and take beautiful photos.

Highlights of the Tour

  • explore Mariovo region and the thousand years old Church St. Nikola
  • the biggest Canyon in Europe Chebren
  • the Rasim Begov Bridge
  • the Village Dunje with specific ancient Macedonian architecture

The time here has stopped a long time ago, but no one can really withstand this beauty. One man simply stands in front of the dilemma: should we run and look for money or leave that killing fight with the day and night in order to breathe life with full chest, in this kind of peacefulness?

Starts on: from December 2021
Duration: 1 day
Destination: village Dunje, Mariovo - North Macedonia
Mode of transport: Mini Van/ Car
Price: 75 euro per person

*You can find more information on what is included in the price in the details section.

11.09 - Saturday

Start from Skopje
Arrival in Prilep
Start point of the tour: the Park of the Revolution in Prilep
Sightseeing of village Dunje, Mariovo
Short break at Ethno House “Blagibog” Taste of traditional pie, tea and coffee
Visit of the Rasim Begov Bridge, the Canyon Chebren and village Manastir with St. Nikola church old 1000 years
Lunch at Ethno House “Blagibog” Degustation of homemade wine and rakia and traditional Mariovo food
Arrival in Skopje

The price includes:

  • Transfer to the location and local transfers
  • Local English speaking guide who is also your cultural immersion facilitator
  • Taste of traditional food
  • Regional lunch with a drink included (vegetarian option available)
  • Degustation of homemade wine and rakia

The price does not include:    

  • Travel insurance for foreigners
  • Personal purchases of local products
  • extra orders of food and drink that are not included in the tasting

Additional information:                 

  • Private Tour with a minimum of 2 travelers
  • Dress Standard: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for this tour.
  • If you have any food restrictions or dietary requirements, please do let us know in advance, preferably at the time of booking.


  • Every traveler should have a valid travel insurance
  • With the reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total sum should be paid
  • Payments made in MKD currency will be calculated with course 1 EUR = 62 MK

1. Overnight at Ethno House “Blagibog”

Enjoy the fresh air and relax in the peacefulness of village Dunje and Mariovo Region.

2. Feel the nature - Jeep Excursion to White River

If you are looking for escape from the urban chaos, then this forgotten place in Mariovo is the right choice for you where you can drink water directly from the river.. The locality “Lakite” is an excellent picnic location and can be reached only with 4×4 vehicle.

3. Sightseeing of Prilep - the tobacco capital of North Macedonia 

Visit the city also known as the “City under Marko’s Tower” and act local with a local guide. Explore the top attractions and hear the most interesting and never told stories about King Marko and the history of the city and its iconic landmarks.

4. Visit of Treskavec Monastery (Holy Mother of God) - Wonderful Tranquility  

Treskavec Monastery is one of the most beautiful but remote and inaccessible places in Macedonia. This ancient sanctuary is wrapped in mystique and thunderbolts, which gave the monastery its name. Surrounded by mystery, lying on a pentagonal rocky bed it has a spectacular view of Pelagonia valley and the towns of Prilep, Bitola and Krusevo.

Note: Get in touch with us for more details.

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