Family Winter Break - Zlatibor, Serbia

A romantic region of gentle mountains, traditions and hospitality, Zlatibor is located in western Serbia, with Tara National Park to the north and Zlatar mountain to the south. The region's name serves as a poetic introduction. The name Zlatibor (ZLATI=golden, BOR=pine) means “Golden Pine”. On Zlatibor you can see many pine trees and that’s the reason why people called this beautiful Serbian mountain “Golden Pine Mountain”.

Mild, sunny summers and winters, beautiful springs and warm autumns are the reasons for tourist visits during any time of the year. This mesmerizing mountain provides a healing spa, a recreational center, a ski resort, a center for cultural events and gathering of people from all directions. Due to its clean air and therapeutic climate, it has also been declared a major climatic health resort. Numerous picnics, hiking routes, connection with all the surrounding tourist destinations like Drvengrad, Sharganska eight, Visegrad, Tara, Drinska regata, Tornik are more than adequate reasons to choose a stay and a vacation on this magnificent mountain!

People say that there is no better place to rest, do some recreation and enjoy homemade food. The healthy clean air and the silence interrupted only by the occasional chirp are ideal conditions for relaxing and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. And that’s exactly what makes Zlatibor special. Zlatibor is hard to resist, because anyone who ever came, and felt the warm and fragrant winds, wanted to return.

Starts on: from 17.01.2022
Duration: Choose your date
Destination: Zlatibor – Serbia
Mode of transport:  Bus / Car
Price:  from 25€ per person per night in Apartment
from 51€ per person per night in Hotel

*There is a possibility to book different periods and extra nights. Ask your Travel Agent for availability.

Day 1

Departure from Skopje
Arriving in Zlatibor
Check-in in Hotel/Apartment

Day 2 - Day X

Exploring Zlatibor.

Last Day

Check out from Hotel/Apartment.

The price includes:

  • Number of nights per your request
  • Accommodation in 4**** Hotel on BB basis or Apartments in Zlatibor
  • Touristic Tax                        

The price does not include:    

  • Optional Excursions and entrance tickets                          
  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfers to Zlatibor and back

  • Ski pass

  • Ski equipment              


  • The passports must be valid a minimum 90 days from the moment of entering the country  from the Schengen Zone            
  • Every traveler should have a valid travel insurance                          
  • With the reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total sum should be paid                         
  • Hotels or Apartments can be changed as per travelers' request
  • Payments made in MKD currency will be calculated with course 1 EUR = 62 MKD


In the green hills of western Serbia stands an out-of-the-ordinary ethno village of Drvengrad. Drvengrad ('Timbertown') in Mokra Gora was built by enigmatic filmmaker Emir Kusturica in 2002 for his film Life Is a Miracle. Quirky flourishes are everywhere: the Stanley Kubrick cinema shows Kusturica's films, and vintage cars are parked on twisting streets named after great artists, athletes, and all those who have left or are leaving a trace in the history of mankind with their idea. Drvengrad hosts the international Küstendorf Film and Music Festival each January.


Apart from this authentic ethno village, the scenic landscapes of Mokra Gora hide another curiosity and outstanding tourist attraction – the Šargan Eight. This unique tourist-museum railway will grant you an unforgettable ride through the unforgettable and magnificent landscapes and some of the most beautiful lookouts of this part of Serbia. Hop aboard the famous “Ćira” train and begin your romantic ride through the past!

3. SIROGOJNO: A unique open-air museum

If you ever wondered how life in a mountain village in the 19th century looked like, then this amazing place near Zlatibor will certainly gain your attention! The village of Sirogojno, which is the only open-air museum in Serbia is some 20 kilometres away from the center of Zlatibor. Its goal is to evoke the life of peasants from that period. Within the complex, there are two households with an original layout of buildings that make up the museum exhibit. The log cabins date back from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when a large family lived in one household with up to 50 members. Today, souvenirs are sold in some houses, while others have been turned into cafes or shops. In Sirogojno you will have the opportunity to learn many secrets of pottery and weaving. This village is definitely a place you should visit if you have the opportunity to come to the mountain Zlatibor.


Not far from Zlatibor, on the way to Sirogojno, is the Stopica Cave. Stopica Cave is a limestone cave discovered in 1901, it is a popular tourist attraction for its unusual formations of incomparable beauty. It is considered one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. It consists of five parts, the light hall, dark hall, and great hall with basins, canal with basins, and river canal.


Uvac is most certainly one of the most beautiful places not only in Western Serbia but in the whole country! The combination of surreal meanders which nature created in the most miraculous manner and the most beautiful colors of the clear waters of Lake Uvac, will quickly show you the magic this special nature reserve has in store for you. The biggest cave complex in Serbia, numerous monasteries and a unique flora and fauna are just some of the things that make this nature’s masterpiece so special. And because of all this – forget your problems, listen to the sounds of nature and give in to the charms of this intact gem of nature…


For the youngest, Dino Park, fun and educational in nature that provides unique entertainment for all ages. It spreads over an area of 6 hectares, in the heart of Zlatibor. Away from the city crowds, in the fresh air in the pine forest, all visitors will find their place to enjoy. Entering the gate of the park, you get the impression that you are entering a new dimension. Twenty multimedia replicas of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and Jurassic eras and twenty content from the world of modern technology make a perfect blend. Adventure park, zip line, artificial rock, 6D cinema, archery, quads for children, mini golf, tubing, darts football are just a part of the activities in this unique park. Dino Park is ideal for all!


This park covers an area of 1,000 m2. One part consists of a zip line, hanging bridges and hanging nets, Tarzan vines, a cobweb rope net, zigzag bridges, and sledding. In the other part of the park, dedicated to the youngest visitors and beginners, you can find many interesting and entertaining activities. The third part is the agility polygon including a mini wooden labyrinth with hurdles, nets, climbing objects, logs, balance beams, a climbing wall, and a hanging bridge among other attractions.


Make riding ATV quads and four-wheelers the first item on your “must-do” list. An unusual ride through the colourful landscapes of Zlatibor is an exciting and very fun way to turn your vacation from a passive, easy walk around the lake into a real adrenaline adventure. With the help of quads, it is easiest to explore and experience the mountain. A fantastic way to drive across meadows and pastures in one day, through the forest, narrow paths, on mud, rocks. Everyone who decides on this type of entertainment will have the opportunity to get to know Zlatibor in an entirely new and interesting way.


Zlatibor is a mountain for everyone who likes an active vacation. If you are committed to mountaineering, hiking, and biking, Zlatibor offers you a range of trim and hiking trails that can take you straight to the best viewpoints of the Serbian Golden Mountain. All of you who want to know what to do in Zlatibor and get to know this mountain can climb to Tornik. Everyone can enjoy a ride on the beautiful panoramic cable car, bobsleigh rails, mountain biking. If you are a fan of hiking, there is a hiking trail to the very top of Tornik. On the other hand, in winter Tornik becomes a modern ski center that provides skiers with five ski slopes, different lengths, and slopes. On Tornik you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the view that stretches to all four corners of the world. The panoramic ride on the six-seater cable car really makes Zlatibor see and experience in a different way.


Zip lining is an activity that has become very popular in the last few years. Zip line flight takes place by the flyer, hanging on a cable or mountaineering rope, flying between the platforms. The most attractive locations for setting up platforms are usually canyons, forests with tall trees or hilly terrain. Flying in such an environment, with a dose of adrenaline, provides a new perspective on unusual landscapes. Zip line in the village of Ljubiš, Zlatibor, is a special treat because of the unrealistically beautiful nature of this area. The cable connects two peaks above the valley where the river murmurs. The view is truly spectacular. The length of the zip line is 550m, and the height is 130m making it the biggest Zip Line in Serbia.

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