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Barcelona City Break 295 € person

Barcelona City Break

Barcelona is the jewel of the Mediterranean. A vibrant city, full of stories to tell and unique experiences to enjoy. It is a cosmopolitan and cultural destination that maintains its traditional roots...
Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain
06.11. - 09.11.2021 06.11. - 09.11.2021
Plane from Skopje Plane from Skopje
Green Jewel - Zlatibor, Serbia 109 € person

Green Jewel - Zlatibor, Serbia

Fresh air, combination of Mediterranean and mountain climate, a large number of sunny days, endless landscapes, fragrant meadows and clear lakes surrounded by spruce and birch trees… Although this sou...
Zlatibor, Serbia Zlatibor, Serbia
October 2021 October 2021
Bus Bus
Magic Balloons - Cappadocia, Turkey 379 € person

Magic Balloons - Cappadocia, Turkey

Deep in the heart of Turkey, is a place of unique landscapes. Cappadocia… the land of whimsical fairy chimneys and peculiar rock formation. Coming to Cappadocia is almost like visiting another planet....
Cappadocia, Turkey Cappadocia, Turkey
October 2021 October 2021
Plane from Skopje Plane from Skopje
Feel Romantic Vibes on a Bike - Paris, France 439 € person

Feel Romantic Vibes on a Bike - Paris, France

Explore hidden passageways and discover Paris by bicycle. Only by bike you can discover the world’s most beautiful city at a rhythm that lets you enjoy and take in everything it has to offer. Uncover ...
Paris, France Paris, France
September / October 2021 September / October 2021
Plane Plane
City of the World's Desire - Istanbul, Turkey 259 € person

City of the World's Desire - Istanbul, Turkey

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a city where you can feel the mysticism of the East and the modernity of the West, the constant time travel between the past and the future, the balance of the ...
Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
08.10-11.10.2021 08.10-11.10.2021
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