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Travel is an Investment in Yourself.



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Reviews & Experiences

Branko Poposki


Team Building activities

🇬🇧 I'd like to express my sincerest appreciation to the Holiyay team who allowed me to be a part of their team building with the wonderful folks from Oriflame Macedonia. Outstanding organisation and engagement worthy for the highest scores. Cheers to our great experience and creating an opportunity for many more team building events. Guys, you are the best. Hooray 🙌🙌🙌 #CookingWithBranko 💪💪💪

Vesna I. Naumovska

Republic of North Macedonia

Individual trip to Barcelona

Exploring Barcelona was an unforgettable adventure!We are grateful for the perfect organization in all stages(incl. pre-issues).The feeling of mutual trust and professional approach was evident since the start.Also, knowing that your individual trip has 24/7 “inside backup” is a great advantage!Warmest recommendation for HOLIYAY as fulfiller of any travel desires! Looking forward to many YAYs on our upcoming adventures💯

Aleksandra Isakovska


Calella, Spain

Holiyay is the agency I would recommend to my friends, and surely it will be my first choice on my next trip

Ivona Dimitrova


Calella, Costa Brava

I was extremely satisfied with HoliYay Travel. Mr. and Mrs. Brzanov, the owners, has proven to be very courteous and helpful from the very beginning, trying to organize our trip to Calella as best they could in the eight days available. The accommodation was simply great. I highly recommend it, Mr. and Mrs. Brzanov will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience!

Stafilov Marjan



Дечките се за чиста 10 ка

Marko Kostadinovski


Skopje - Calella

Best travel agency many greetings to Dejan and Biljana.

Nga Meti

United Arab Emirates

Belgrade and Zlatibor Winter Getaway

This is our best ever holiday, Biljana & Dejan made this trip to Serbia so easy - they pre-organised our hotels, transfers, activities and ski experience for Belgrade and Zlatibor. We will definitely book with Holiyay Travel again.

Simona Tomchevska

North Macedonia

Salakovo Lake - N. Macedonia

Every tour was new and amazing experience. With the support and patience from the guides we climbed to many heights. I found passion, motivation and support. Counting the days to the new hiking tours together with the Teams from Holiyay Travel and Wonder Camp.

Aleksandra Andovska

North Macedonia

Rotino, Pelister - Bitola, N. Macedonia

Excellent organization, high responsibility and care for every participant. New friendships and great atmosphere. Do not let them tell you, go and experience it. Always stay with the winning team.

Ivana Jovanovikj

North Macedonia

Leshnica, Shar Mountain - N. Macedonia

If I did not met the Team from Holiyay Travel and Wonder Camp I will remembered 2020 only by Covid-19. A huge thanks for all amazing tours where I had better discovered Macedonia, for all adventures and new friendships...Regards to the wonderful teams full of surprises and creativity. Thank you for existing and looking forward to your new projects.

Irena Jovcheska

North Macedonia

Babuna Waterfalls - Nezilovo, N. Macedonia

Very well coordinated and excellent team, dedicated to the group from every view. Each moment and path from the tour was predicted, weather conditions checked, the terrain checked a few days before the realization with proper instructions and dedications to every person from the group. Simply you feel safe and have fun with them. To our next adventures with HoliYay Travel and Wonder Camp.

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